For The Security of Your Home or Business, Trust Will’s Welding Iron Works: Wrought Iron Railings, Window Guards (Iron Bars), & More!

   More home and business owners are recognizing the need to protect their personal property, and ensure that the use of their property is safe, as well. Will’s Welding Iron Works recognizes this need, offering window guards (iron bars) that not only secure the window, but also add beauty and value to an owner’s property.

   There are many ways people choose to protect their property from intruders. Alarm systems are popular, but it typically takes an intruder a matter of only minutes to be in and out of a property, and he or she is long gone by the time law enforcement arrives. Installing window guards (iron bars), on the other hand, can completely deter a burglar from attempting a robbery. These bars are placed on the outside of windows, making them visible to would-be intruders.

   Because we individually create custom bars, they can be made to fit any size window, and customers can choose the style and color that best fits their needs. For example, if a customer has already had our company install wrought iron fencing and gates, he or she can choose window guards (iron bars) to match. Similarly, injuries to children falling from open windows on multi-level buildings average about 5,000 a year. For this reason, many parents of small children are opting to have bars installed on their homes’ windows as an added safety precaution.

   The beauty and safety of wrought iron can also be brought indoors. Custom-made wrought iron railings add safety and security to staircases. These rails are significantly safer than the average wooden rails, and the durability of wrought iron means the rails will last a lifetime. When installed on a set of outdoor stairs, our wrought iron railings are also durable enough to withstand the elements and extreme temperatures.

   Will’s Welding Iron Works fabricates all rails and bars from scratch and to customer specifications; this fact translates to a customized fit every time, and more safety and security for homes and businesses. Trust the safety and beauty of your specialty ironworks to a trusted resource—Will’s Welding Iron Works.

   Click here or call (484) 326-1334 for more information on all of the beautiful wrought iron railings, window guards (iron bars), pipe rails, security doors, and more we can design for your home or business.

   Will’s Welding Iron Works is licensed and insured for your peace-of-mind! Family-owned and operated, our company is comprised of highly skilled craftsmen that completed a thorough apprenticeship, guaranteeing your specific needs are fulfilled and done so on-time and within your budget.

We look forward to bringing your vision to a reality!

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